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10:00 am to 3:00 pm

  • Drive thru social distanced pickup

  • Shirt, door prize ticket, swag bag

  • Opportunity to purchase additional door prize tickets

  • LK5K $500 Raffle tickets available for purchase, $5.00 each.

  • Accepting donations for Forever Love Rescue.

    • Cat food​

    • Blankets

Saturday, October 24 & Sunday October 25
Forever Love Rescue, 39 Queen St., Gettysburg, PA
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lk5k 5x
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lk5k flash mob 1
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lk5k 9c
lk5k 8j
award 6
lk5k 6p
lk5k together 1
lk5k 2z
lk5k 7c
lk5k flash mob
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lk5k 2u
lk5k 2o
lk5k 7g
lk5k big finish 7
lk5k 2n
award 21
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lk5k 2s
award 35
lk5k 6j
lk5k love
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lk5k 3r
lk5k together
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lk5k 5u_edited
lk5k big finish 8
lk5k start
lk5k 9w
lk5k 4f
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