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LK5K on the Move

Our traveling information booth will again be busy this year attending many events throughout the area!
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  • Admin
    Apr 14, 2017

    Visit the "Registration" section of the website to get registered and learn more about fundraising opportunities for the LK5K!
  • info
    Mar 19, 2017

    Gettysburg Eddie's has been involved with the LK5K since the first year. This event pulls together our entire community for a fun filled day of friendship while honoring Linda Kranias and Stacy Hobbs. The committee members put countless hours of planning over the course of the year to bring this wonderful event to the community. In addition, the money raised is donated to Wellspan Adams Cancer Center that goes out of the way to help cancer patients in need of financial assistance; in addition to aiding three local non-profit animal groups. As a sponsor, I strongly encourage community members to get involved by participating as a runner, volunteering, donating door prizes or becoming one of our numerous sponsors. Please join us! --Bill Wills, Gettysburg Eddie’s